Варитеко - Variteco

Welcome to the website of Variteco!

Our team designs, develops and deploys complete business solutions based on latest information technologies for customers in Bulgaria and abroad.

We posses serious experience applying information technologies and we are very passionate about them, however we know that even the most advanced technology do not deserve any investment if it is not capable to pay for itself delivering added value by improving effectiveness and competitiveness of the customer's business. That's why among the main goals of our solutions are:

  • improving effectiveness and productivity of company's personnel
  • providing means for continuous business analysis
  • providing means for observing everything which happens in the business

If you hold a management position or own your business, we are quite sure that you know everything about your job and its specifics, but if you observe one or more of the following symptoms:

  • necessity for manually generating and maintaining vast amount of documents which leads to low personnel productivity and overloading with work
  • all daily communication with your customers and partners goes over phone, fax, or email
  • inability to quickly generate reports needed for taking the right business decisions
  • hard or impossible documentary traceability of the activities which took place in your business
  • low or no use of the possibilities offered by the electronic commerce and Internet
  • your business keeps information and records which are sensitive to you or your customers and you have a bad feeling regarding information security even that there is some antivirus software installed

in our opinion this clearly indicates that there is wasted energy and unused potential in your business and the situation could be greatly improved by a proper complete software solution for your business.

Today everybody observes the ever increasing competition in virtually any field and that's why we believe that delaying too much the information technology modernization of your business could be a risky luxury. That's why don't lose time and contact us! We are capable of designing, developing and deploying complete business automation solution created specifically for your business, which will allow it to move to a new level and enjoy all the benefits that your business deserves!

A proposal for innovative entrepreneurs!

  1. if you have an innovative idea which is related to or based on information technologies and Internet
  2. if you possess strong knowledge and experience in your field of activity
  3. if you are looking for a partner for the implementation of your idea

Please contact us to discuss a possible mutually benefiting partnership!